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Smart Intercom System

Styluscom PED.jpg
  • Wired video intercom system.

  • Combines access control and CCTV in one system.

  • Up to 2 gates and 2 CCTV cameras connected to a maximum of 4 monitors.

  • Monitors can be flush or surface mounted.

  • SD Card records stills of visitors/missed callers. (not included)

  • Option to connect external camera to speech panel for certain applications.

  • Easy to wire monitor with wall mounted connection panel.

Stylus Audio ABK.png
Stylus-Audio 5.png



Stylus-Audio icon grey.png

The NEW addition to the Styluscom range. The Styluscom Audio can be a stand alone hard wired audio system. 

  • Up to a total of 4 Audio handsets per system.  

  • 2 relay outputs. 

  • Audio handsets can be flush or surface mounted.

  • Sleek audio handset.

  • Featuring a gloss white screen trim.

  • Touch sensitive buttons.

  • Volume control. 

  • Wall mountable hands free design or desk mountable options.

Stylus-Audio 2.png
Stylus-Audio scene 2v1.jpg
Modern House
Styluscom Audio Additional Handsets smal

Styluscom Audio System example:

Add up to 4 Audio handsets in one system. 

Styluscom Audio Additional Handsets smal

Styluscom Video & Audio System example:

This Stylish audio handset can be an added extra with the Stylus 4.3 Video Monitor/handset.  Add up to 3 Audio handsets in one video system.

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