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Holkham Hall – Modular GSM Installation

Join Ray as he takes you through an installation of a modular cellular intercom from AES Global, installed at the historic Holkham Hall in North Norfolk.

Watch full video here:

The Location

Built in the 18th century, Holkham Hall & estate has been privately owned by the Coke family for generations and sits on 25,000 acres of beautiful agricultural landscape.
The Coke family still lives in Holkham Hall and shares their grounds with the public with tours and by hosting open-air concerts with world-renowned acts like Elton John, Jools Holland, and Status Quo.
They are also passionate about renewable energy which can be seen by the amazing posts that the modular intercoms are installed on, they are made from wood sourced from their grounds.

The Customer

Installed by Trevor Ellis and the team at Automated Gateways, Based out of Norwich, Norfolk. Installed on the first entrance on 22nd March 2022. Installed at the Trade entrance on the Holkham Hall Estate, Norfolk.

The Issue

Installed to replace a Telguard multi-button cellular intercom, they opted for our multi-button modular range to enable visitors to easily select which part of the estate they were looking to call. The estate hosts events on a weekly basis and the flexibility of our cellular app (AES PRO) enables the site manager to easily change the phone number of the dedicated push-button for events.

The Solution

The modular cellular intercom was the perfect choice for Holkham House as they could spec all three panels out to do what they needed, in this case, they needed a keypad for easy access for staff and tradesmen.
They also needed six call buttons for various areas of the Estate, from the Hall itself to Hall offices, Longland offices, and Trade specific button.
Two call buttons are kept for special events that are regularly hosted on the grounds, these buttons can be easily programmed to call different phone numbers when events are managed by different parties, allowing great flexibility for event organisers and staff.
Our 6 button modular panel was flush built into their wooden gate posts, These posts were made from reused wood from their own estate, As mentioned above the ability to have individual buttons for each section of the estate was key, alongside the ability to have a separate tradesman button which allows access at certain times of the day for trades to access the site without having the need to ring through.

The cellular Modular Intercom has several vital features including:
• Setting the opening and closing times of the automatic gate.
• Schedule do not disturb schedules.
• User history.
• Illuminated call buttons and keypad.
• GSM module, LED’s indicative, call status.
• Add permanent, temporary keyboard and time slot codes.

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