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Build it your way!

Our Modular Range can be custom built to your specification! With multiple modules available to choose from, to match with your chosen Modular shell available in 2/3/4/6/9 slots, to create your Modular System. It covers all our technologies! Read the catalogue below for more information:

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Our Modular Range now offers a pedestal option with modular adaptation that allows you to mount directly on to a gooseneck. Being able to pick and choose your desired modules. Available in all technologies the pedestal modular range has true versatility and will cater for your every need. Perfect for home, multi-family applications and industrial applications. Check out our Modular catalogue. 

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The Advanced Cellular Intercoms

Cellular Single Button Intercom & Multi-button Intercom

  • Setting the opening and closing times of the automatic gate.

  • Schedule do not disturb schedules. User history.

  • Illuminated call button and keypad.

  • Cellular module, LED’s indicative, call status.

  • Add permanent, temporary keyboard and time slot codes.

  • Issue time restricted codes.

  • Add keypad codes by App.

  • Do-not-disturb watershed time.

Intercoms for talking & operating your door/gates by phone. Single button for single house. Multi-button for multi residential housing/flats/apartments. When caller presses the call button it rings to the house owners phone.


Multicom Lite Modular

Multi Family Intercom with illuminated information window can hold up to 30 names or instructions if preferred.

  • 4G LTE, Cellular multi-apartment intercom.

  • Programmable remotely by free APP.

  • Up to 30 family using illuminated directory screen, or up to 100 family direct dialling from keypad.


Multicom Classic Modular

Multi Family Intercom with illuminated screen to scroll for resident/apartment number. 

  • Calls up to 500 families from a single SIM card.

  • Visitors can scroll for residents, or enter apartment number to call.

  • Dials up to 3 phone numbers per family on roll over.

  • 4G enabled.

  • HD voice with VOLTE*.

  • Built in time clock for auto opening and closing of gates, barriers or doors in busy periods or for day time operation.

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Simple Wireless Access

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603-EH-BLK web.png
603-EH-BLK web.png

Spartan 703 Modular

Wireless Multi - Button Intercom. When caller press a call button it rings over a wireless handset.

  • Digital D.E.C.T wireless intercom system for flats, apartments or shared gate entrances.

  • Up to 4 call buttons, each button calling a different handset.

  • Working range of 150 yards through concrete (up to 300 yards metres open field).

  • 1 handset per property or apartment.

  • Simple setup and install.

  • Keypad option for coded access.

  • Built in voicemail feature for missed callers, user can listen to messages on handset.

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DECT 603 Modular

Wireless audio intercom system, talk to your visitor over a wireless handset. Great system for single home. No wires from intercom to handset.

  • Up to 300 yards open field range!

  • Working range of 150 yards through 1 exterior concrete, brick or stone wall.

  • Up to 4 handsets / indoor units per system. Handsfree wall mounted handset available

  • Built in voicemail feature to record missed callers at your door or gate (playback from handset).

  • Intercall between handsets.

  • 2 year warranty.

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Wired Audio & Video Systems


Hard Wired Audio Intercom. Talk to your visitor over a wired handset system. 

  • Wired audio intercom system.

  • Up to 4 handsets per system.

  • Curved profile stylish handset available in black.

  • 150 yards typical cabled range using twisted pair cables.

  • 24V dc 2A power supply included. (Handsets 12v dc)

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Hard Wired video & audio intercom. Talk to your visitor over a wired video handset with audio handset options. 

  • Combines access control and CCTV in one system.

  • Up to 4 handset video/audio.

  • Super long range over CAT 5 (300 yards).

  • Motion detection recording (from one device).

  • SD card records stills of visitors/missed callers.

  • Option to connect external camera to speech panel for certain applications.

  • Easy to wire monitor with wall mounted connection panel.

  • 24V 2A dc adaptor included.

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IP / 4G Video Intercom

Praetorian IP Video Intercom

Speak to your visitors from anywhere in the world.

  • Grant access remotely - Send a command to the gate motor via the app to open your gates etc.

  • Keypad Codes – 24-7 / Timed / Temporary (Optional)

  • No Touch Access - PROX Cards/ Tags - 24-7 / Timed / Temporary (Optional)

  • Voicemail - Visitors can leave a video messages when unanswered.

  • Plus many more features!

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4G Antenna built in.

Sim inside

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Praetorian 4G Video Intercom

Praetorian Guard IP Intercom complete with 4G access point. The access point will provide an internet connection via a compatible SIM card*


* MIN 1GB P/MIN  DATA  (Depending on usage). 

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Confused about our Modular range? Don't hesitate to contact us!