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Simple Audio Wireless Access.

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603 Spartan

RF Wireless Intercom

603-PED-IMPK (3).png

Wireless audio intercom for gates. Talk to your caller over a wireless audio handset.  

  • Up to 300 yards open field range!

  • Working range of 150 meters through 1 exterior concrete, brick or stone wall.

  • Up to 4 handsets / indoor units per system.

  • Built in voicemail feature to record missed callers at your door or gate (playback from handset).

  • Intercall between handsets.

  • 2 year warranty.

prox card.png

603 Spartan

With Proximity reader

Our 603 Spartan is available with a built in proximity reader.

  • Built in Proximity reader for simple access. 

  • 1200 prox cards across 3 relays (gates).

  • 2 year warranty.

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