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Social Housing Products

Whether it's block of flats or a gated housing community we have a great range of multi resident intercoms. Below we have our range that is suited for this area.


RF Wireless Multi button Intercom


703 Spartan

Wireless Multi button Intercom

Wireless audio intercom system for flats/apartments or shared gate entrances. Up to 4 call buttons, each one calling the handset.

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Multicom Cellular Family 

Our Cellular Multicom family is a range of intercoms used via mobile phones. This range of intercoms are our most popular product for apartment/flats our gated communities.

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Multicom CLASSIC

Calls up to 500 families from a single SIM card! Built in Proximity reader as standard. 

Multicom LITE

Up to 30 family using illuminated directory screen. or up to 100 family direct dialing from keypad.

multicom lite PROX.png
Multicom Lite_1.png
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Cellcom Prime6 Multi-button

Advanced Cellular multi button system.

Cellular Multi Button Intercom for flats/apartments/multi residents. Each button calling a different residents phone/mobile. Up to 4 call buttons.


Modular Multi-button

Build it your way!

Our Modular range can be custom built to your specification! With multiple modules available to choose from. Why not have a look to find out more?  

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Want to know more about our product and what they can do for you? Check out our contact us page. Gives us a call or email.

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