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Wired Vehicle Detection Systems

The Wired e-LOOP

The quick and easy solution to fitting wired induction loops. Just one simple line trace to cut or cover the wire with a cable cover for a complete surface mount option, without the need for any site work.

  • Fully potted for 100% water protection.

  • Available in presence mode with magnetic field and Radar detection (EL00W-RAD) .

  • Exit mode with magnetic field detection (EL00W).

  • 6 core 4.1 mm diameter 10 yards long.

  • 10 tonne static load limit.

  • Compact profile –  2.7" Loop (inside), 4.7" diameter (with outside shell), 0.7" high (IP68).

  • High-security 128-bit encryption.

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Fitting options are surface mount and flush mount for the presence mode loop, or surface mount, flush mount, or completely concealed for the exit mode.

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Surface Mount

Picture4 copy.png

Flush Mount

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Concealed Mount
(Exit Mode only)



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