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Pro2 upgrade kit! Upgrade to the Praetorian Guard today!

Have a Wi-Fi Pro2 Telephone Entry System and would like to get more from it? Upgrade today to the Praetorian Guard from AES Global. The Praetorian Guard is AES Global 3rd Gen IP/4G video gate/door Intercom, and is the best iteration yet, with a brand-new App (in working Beta phase) for easy and intuitive control and a host of upgraded and new features!

The Praetorian Guard succeeds the popular Wi-Fi Pro2 Video Intercom and promises to be an industry favourite that stands out from the rest. Made in the UK using the finest and most durable materials by AES Global and exported worldwide, the Praetorian Guard is the latest innovation in Video Telephone Entry Systems.

AES Global are keen for everyone to benefit from the new Praetorian Guard system and have made Upgrade Kits for those who have the older WIFI Pro2 system installed at their property. This upgrade kit is more affordable than changing to another system altogether and incredibly simple to install! As our USA Technical Sales Support professional, Sal Di Primo, shows you the step-by-step guide of upgrading the Pro2 unit to the new Praetorian Guard unit, just click below:

The Praetorian Guard Upgrade Kit consists of a new unit front panel that easily screws on to existing WiFi Pro-II backbox. This front panel not only freshens up on the outgoing front panel, but also has the Praetorian Guard internals installed and prewired on the reverse side. The keypad, camera and PCB boards are easily connected to the existing internal surge board and from this stage you are ready to program the unit via the Praetorian Guard App. Sal walks you through this process in detail in the above video.

So why should you upgrade to the Praetorian Guard? Simply, we have added so many features to the Praetorian Guard system that it makes sense to upgrade and avail of all the new abilities that the Praetorian Guard has to offer. We have made an easy-to-read list of all the features the Praetorian Guard has compared to the WIFI Pro2.

The Praetorian Guard adds 20+ beneficial features and improves on the already existing functions such as the quality of the video, now available in HD with the availability to switch between SD and HD video definition to save on cellular data usage when in use. The Praetorian also now has the maximum capacity of 32GB of storage for those video clips recorded from the unit’s camera when triggered by the motion sensor or when used by a visitor. These short clips are stored in an events log and allows the homeowner to keep a log of visitors via the Praetorian Guard App. The motion sensor itself is a fully adjustable feature that can alert the user to any movement near the unit itself.

Most of these new features can be set independently via the all-new Praetorian Guard Cell Phone App (Currently in the functional BETA phase) which makes using and interacting with the unit simplistic and beneficial to the end user and installer alike.

Check out our YouTube Channel for more information on the new features of the Praetorian Guard and much more! Consider subscribing to the channel to keep up to date on all things AES Global.

The Praetorian Guard is a culmination of two previous generation Wi-Fi/IP units and innovation of the capabilities of advanced tech, resulting in an industry leading IP telephone entry product, that is sure to impress any home or business premises owner. Get in touch today to learn more!


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