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Install of the Praetorian Guard

This install is used for a rental apartment in France. Great for landlord to manage the access control to the apartment, safe and secure.

The Issue
Le 52 are rental apartments for the seasonal tourist industry. Guests usually stay between 3 to 7 days with 4 apartments to offer. The visitor access for the property was via a manual pin code and pass. However, in high peak and busy periods it is difficult to maintain the change and flow of visitors having to update the pin code after every visitor manually. The business was becoming very labour intensive having to meet guests at all times of the day and night for check in and departure. The increasing tourist guests and volume of renters required a technological solution for the property.

The Customer
The 52 apartments in Céret are managed by Mrs Tania Barr who has 4 apartments within a traditional and charming Catalonian building built in 1890. The house has a rich history, the house of ean Amade. Previous owner Louis Amade. She was one of Édith Piaf's lyricists. She introduced him to the young Gilbert Bécaud in 1956. Louis Amade became Bécaud's mentor and encouraged him to sing. He became one of the main lyricists of Bécaud, writing the lyrics for many of his greatest hits, notably the lyrics of L'instantant c'est la rose, part of the texts of L'Opéra d'Aran or the poem L 'Child with the star, of which Bécaud makes a cantata. He awarded the artist the Legion of Honor on the stage of the Olympia in 1974.

The Location
Ceret lies in the foothills of the Pyrénées mountains, in southern France. It is located 7 km (4.3 mi) from the Autoroute A9, 200 km (120 mi) from Montpellier, 250 km (160 mi) from Toulouse and 180 km (110 mi) from Barcelona. It lies on the river Tech.
Tourists and recreational visitors frequent the area in mass and the tourism industry has flourished Visiting many attractions like the Devils Bridge (Pont du Diable), the church of Saint Peter and the Museum of Modern Art (Musee d’Art Moderne)
The region around Céret is a major fruit producer, famed for its cherries. But also has a great cultural background with Feria Festival which can attract up to 30 to 40,000 people on Bastille Day. There is a favoured Saturday Market selling local produce (sausages, olives, cheese, and wine)
The GR 10 footpath runs close by. The GR 10 is a French GR footpath, or hiking trail, that runs the length of the Pyrenees Mountains. It roughly parallels the French–Spanish border on the French side.

The Solution
Mrs Barr required an intercom with pin code at the entrance and to be able to manage the access control with the attribution of new codes after every tenant, to be able to welcome guests remotely and have full control over access points.
A Praetorian Intercom was installed which allowed visual calls remotely to the managers smartphone, the landlord could change access pin codes remotely to allow temporary accesses times and codes for the maintenance technicians and cleaning services and she could have a reference log of all access points.
Security and control of the settings and access control via the Praetorians App allows the management of the access authorisations to the accommodation according to the duration of the rental. The landlord can also authorise access on a set schedule if, on the guest's departure, a cleaning or maintenance service is required.
The Praetorian system allows the landlord to send electronic keys and access codes to the accommodation to the host and can cancel or delete the keys and codes at any time from the administrator platform. (Praetorian App)
The system brings simplicity, comfort and security to both owner and tenant, thanks to online management.

The Specification - key features
• Speak to and see your visitors from anywhere in the world
• Grant access remotely
• Playback missed calls
• Visitors can leave messages when unanswered
• Prox codes added by APP
• Pin codes managed via the APP
• HD Camera
• Wifi and 4G GSM connectivity
• Time restricted access
• Time limited pin codes and prox cards
• 7-day schedule for auto opening

Why Praetorian?
The Praetorian was the ideal intercom for this project, giving remarkable features via the APP such as video call, remote offsite control, and complete freedom for the landlord in this application. The GSM and Wifi application reduced labour time and materials whilst no requirements to chase walls and damage the period features.

Reviews and Testimonials

Customers Testimonial
Barr Tania: ‘I am really happy with this new generation intercom; it allows me to see visitors when they ring, and I can open if necessary. Very convenient with delivery people! The rental of the apartments is much simpler, I can set an access code to each tenant and limit access according to the length of stay. The application is easy to use and I am very satisfied.’
A Guests Review
Jean Pierre Cottaz , Lyon : ‘every summer we come to the 52 in ceret a charming village house, managed by Tania Barr , their new system to access the building and very practical no key required, the code was sent to us by SMS and when we arrived no problem with the door open we use the code et voila , is very usefully to use the keypad and don’t have to look for the key …..’

The Installers Verdict
Installed by Maurice our Directeur technique. For this special case he installed the system himself.
‘The difficulties with this big building was the internet connection and reception in the entrance that was weak and share with all the guests that rent the appartements, to have a safe and correct internet bandwidth we use the Praetorian 4G models, that have a modem and use a 4G sim card to provide internet connection to the intercom’

For more information about our Praetorian:

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