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Warsaw Poland - Cellcom prime & Multicom Cellular

Fantastic install by CMM Automatyka at Vistula Boulevards and Park Skaryszewski in Warsaw, Poland. Installation of several AES Cellcom Prime and Multicom intercoms at key entrances with road bollards to maximise the efficiency, operation, and management of vehicle access to pedestrian and cycle areas at this major tourist attraction.

The Vistulan Boulevards are located on the western side of the River Vistula and are between Poniatowski Bridge and Slasko-Dabrowski Bridge. In 2009, Park Skaryszewski won Most Beautiful Park in Poland and the third place in the competition of the Most Beautiful Park in Europe.

The intercoms communicate with the management office who have the ability to remotely access the BFT barriers which are installed to provide safe entrance to vehicles and stop unwanted visitors at this major tourist attraction which has beaches, restaurants & bars.

Staff entrance is controlled by the fully integrated proximity system, Built into our intercoms and the barriers can be released by a simple swipe of the prox card.

Raymond Holgate our International Sales Manager was the AES contact with product supplied by BFT Polska

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