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Wired Audio Intercom System

SLIM-HF-EH copy.png
Talk to your caller over a wired audio handset.
  • You can have up to 4 wired audio handsets per system.

  • Comes with a curved stylish Handsfree handset available in black or white.

  • 1200 keypad codes (across 3 relays).

  • Up to 300 yards on shielded cat 5 cable.

  • 24V DC 2A power supply included. (Handsets 12v dc)

  • 2 Relays.

  • 2-year warranty.

slim HF web copy.jpg

The sleek, glossy hands-free handsets are available in black or white. They're not just a communication device; it's a stylish addition to homes. Designed to blend seamlessly with any interior, it's mounted on the wall and offers clear communication between up to four handsets per system.

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SLIM-HF-EH copy.png
The SLIM range is available in many styles & colours.
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