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Vintage Range

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The Vintage Flush range has taken inspiration from classical architecture, period doorbells, and art deco influences, combining style with modern technology and materials.


Offered in 4 ranges; The Praetorian Guard, Cellcom Prime7, Multicom Classic, and Prime Multi-Button 4.

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Available in several colour combinations to complement your gates and doors. View all colour combinations in the datasheet.


The Vintage range will suit converted Victorian townhouses or Georgian mansions to Parisian apartments or period architecture. But equally at home as a centrepiece for a modern entrance.

Vintae cutsheet

Calls your home phone and mobiles on roll-over when visitor presses call button.

Never miss a visitor with mobile calling.

Works with any standard contract or Pre-Pay GSM Nano SIM card.

A free app (AES PRO) for installer and homeowner capabilities, set automatic gate open & close times, etc.

To view PRIME7 panels in different colour combinations: 

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Calls up to 1000 apartments from a single SIM card.

(3 users per apartment)

Visitors can scroll for residents or enter apartment numbers to call.

Programmable via free Android and Iphone app: AES PRO.

Built-in time clock for auto opening and closing of gates, barriers, or doors in busy periods or for daytime operation.

To view multicom classic panels in different colour combinations:


Speak and view your visitors from anywhere in the world.

The praetorian intercom has a built HD camera with a video motion sensor.

Grant access remotely - Send a command to the gate motor via the app to open your gates etc. Praetorian Guard IP Intercom can come with a 4G access point. The access point will provide an internet connection via a compatible SIM card.

To view praetorian panels in different colour combinations:

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