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Get Hands-On With The AES PRO | Program & Control GSM / Cell Products From ONE App! | AES Global

The NEW way to program a GSM telephone entry system.

We had a dream, to make the set-up and installation of our products the easiest on the market, we locked up our engineers for months in the R&D Dungeon and came up with several cunning and innovative ideas, from new style security screws all the way to industrial-strength double-sided sticky tape on the back of the units that allowed you to just press the unit on to any surface. (Our engineers were REALLY pleased with that one…) In the end, we decided that an all-encompassing mobile application was probably the way forward! So, we introduce you to the AES Pro App – Built to control and program GSM AES Global units. Taking the fuss out of programming an AES Cellular unit in the most simple and intuitive way.

The AES PRO App takes all the complicated SMS text strings and effort out of programming a GSM unit, leaving you more time as an installer to get on with the more important aspects of the job or an early lunch, whichever, we don’t judge.

The AES PRO can control and program a multitude of GSM AES Global products such as the iGate Prime, Multicom Classic, Prime7, Snapcom, Multicom Lite, and even allows for GSM Modular unit programming!

Take a look at the video below for a closer look at the App:

How it works:

The AES Pro takes you step by step in programming your unit, once you enter settings such as a keypad code with its relay and relay time, the app generates the SMS code string for you and you just hit send on that SMS text, the unit itself will then text you a reply confirming the change you made.

Account Log In / Register

With the AES PRO you can fully program your GSM device in an easy step-by-step process directed by the app. Firstly you will need to set up an account so you can log in to the app. This is simple and requires an email address and password and allows you to set up multiple devices in various locations/sites. This is also very useful as if you ever change your phone or your phone is broken you can simply download the AES PRO app and log in to your account on that device and get access to your sites and GSM Intercoms fast.

Add New Site

The next step is to Add New Site, which requires a site name and address with a postcode. This makes it easier to find if you have multiple sites to find the correct one on the App home screen.

Device Set-Up

Select your site and now select your device. Choose from the iGate Prime, Prime7, Multicom Classic, Multicom Lite, Snapcom, and Modular Multibutton! (If you have an AES Cellcom Lite or iGate 1200 you can download and use the AES Lite App to program for those two devices, check here for those set-up details!)

Once you have selected your device the app will bring you through the basic essential programming of that device step-by-step. Making the whole programming process smooth and quick to get your AES Intercom running as soon as possible.

Control, Remotely…

As an installer or property manager, you likely have multiple sites that you may need to access on the fly at any time. With the AES Pro app, you set up your profile on the app and have a directory of different sites or locations which can be accessed whenever you need. This is a convenient way to manage and access a site remotely for example if you need to program a keypad access code remotely if ever needed for new tenants, site workers, or visitors if needed.

Multiple intercoms can be added to a single site, so if a certain site has more than one intercom, they can all be programmed under one site.

The AES Pro is available now via the PlayStore for Android devices and the Apple store for iOS devices.

If you would like to see a site set up via the app, check the video below to see just how easy it is.


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