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Activating a SIM package for your Intercom, CCTV & other Cellular devices with AES TELECOMS.

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

It's never been easier to activate a SIM package for your GSM/Cellular device with AES Telecom!

We provide a range of SIM packages for cellular devices across the United States of America and Canada! Our packages can be used on all Cellular devices and we provide both Voice Only and DATA packages!

AES Global Telecom was founded solely with Cellular GSM controlled products in mind, GSM Intercoms have been manufactured by our parent company (AES Global Ltd) since 2007 and needed the most cost effective and best coverage for various territories worldwide. AES Global Telecoms was established to fill that market need.

Our sim packages provide the best network coverage using some of the worlds largest cell/mobile phone networks such as AT&T, Vodafone, T-Mobile, O2 and TracFone. Our packages provide the best coverage for your GSM/Cellular product at the most cost-effective prices.

Follow the video below to activate your AES Telecom SIM!

Or alternatively follow the below steps on how to choose and activate your AES Telecom SIM.

Below we will show you the simple steps on how to activate an AES SIM and choose the correct package for your cellular product!

1. Have your SIM card ready!

Our SIM cards come in the box with all AES Global Intercom cellular products! You will need to have the unique SIM card serial number which can be found below the barcode or on the micro SIM itself!

2. Make your way to our website!

Once you have your SIM and identified the unique serial number, make your way to our website

On our website, you will find the option to ACTIVATE SIM CARD.

We provide some of the most cost effective SIM packages for GSM controlled products, using some of the worlds largest network carriers.

3. Choose your region!

We have SIM packages that cover a number of regions throughout the world, UK, Ireland & Europe, and the USA & Canada.

Our SIMs use a variety of the largest network carriers in the world including, Vodafone, AT&T, T-Mobile, O2, and Afone. With more networks being added consistently to improve our global coverage!

4. Choose your preferred network!

We have three available networks in the United States and Canadian territories, T-Mobile, AT&T and Verizon! Most people have a preferred cell network, so we have given you the choice of three of the best!

5. Choose the right package for your device!

Your device needs the right package, we provide two packages which are tailored for different devices. If your device is audio only with no video capability then you need the Lite Package. This package allows for calls from and to your device at a low monthly/annual cost!

If your device has audio and video capability then you should choose our Data Package. This package has enough data to run your video device reliably and in a cost effective manner!

Choose how you want to pay with either a recurring monthly or annual subscription. Please note that this is an automated renewal every month/year and will automatically take payment from the bank account details you provide on checkout. If those payment details ever change, such as a change of bank account etc. then you should log in to your AES Telecom account to update them, otherwise your Cell plan will be cancelled due to non-payment.

6. Revise your order and Checkout!

Now make sure to look over the notes on your subscription and double check your subscription order matches your devices needs.

Once you have checked that you are happy to proceed then you need to enter your details to set-up your account. Also highlighted below is the ability for returning customers to log in to their account, if you need to activate another SIM or make changes to your account information.

7. Crucial More Information

In this section we have some more information needed, with a very important section which is the Unique Serial Number which is found on the SIM card you want to activate.

The Serial Number can be found on the SIM card itself, and can be a 13, 19 or 20 digit long serial number. It is easily found on the micro SIM itself and on the SIM card surroundings. See below illustration for where to find the SIM serial number.

8. Payment Information

Payment information is the last thing needed in order to activate your SIM, we have two different methods of providing payment information to suit you, direct credit card and PayPal.

9. Completed Order

Now that your order is completed you will recieve an email of receipt for your order via the email address that you provided in the account information section.

Once your SIM has been activated you will recieve confirmation of this via email to the same email address and provided with the SIM phone number.

Please note that SIM activation can take up to 24 hours, however we aim to activate SIM packages as quick as possible.

If you should have any queries you can use the LiveChat feature found in the bottom right of the website to talk to one of our operators.


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