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Looking for video telephone entry access that controls your gates & doors? AES Global has a solution

On the market for video telephone entry access for your door or gates? AES Global has the perfect solution for you. The Praetorian Guard is the third generation of Wi-Fi/IP Video intercoms manufactured by AES Global and released in 2021 it is filled with useful functions and features and designed to be distinctive and stand out from the crowd on your gates and doors! #videotelephoneentry #accesscontrol #gateopener

Manufactured in the UK and sold globally, the Praetorian Guard is available in many different styles and configurations, so no matter what the exterior aesthetics of the property are, we have a Praetorian that suits you.


The Praetorian Guard is weatherproof (IP55 rated) and made from 3mm Marine Grade stainless steel and black powder-coated aluminium hood with multiple options of styles which vary with black acrylic front plates and button styles (silicon and metal keypads) and non-button versions available.

The high-quality stainless steel illuminated push button is illuminated in a stylish and distinctive blue LED glow, along with the same backlighting on the architectural style unit and the keypad when optioned. The camera itself is an HD camera, that comes as standard in full colour with night vision & IR cut filter and with motion detection. The motion detection feature can be controlled by the Praetorian Guard mobile phone app, along with many other features, some of which we will discuss later in this article.

The front panels of the units are held by security screws on the wall-mounted units and come with a bespoke AES screwdriver. The pedestal mount units are held with a security barrel lock and the unit comes with a pair of keys for this. The speaker in the unit is a 1.5W waterproof Mylar speaker, the speakers’ volume can be controlled via the Praetorian Guard App (this is done on the inside of the intercom via a potentiometer knob), for those high-traffic areas in which the speaker may need to be loud, or those quieter areas in which the speaker volume can be turned down.


The Praetorian Guard uses Wi-Fi (IP) technology to operate, using frequency ranges of 2.4GHz & 5GHz using WPA / WPA2 / WPA3 network security. However, if the Wi-Fi signal at the property is unsuitable due to distance or other factors, the Praetorian Guard comes as standard with an ethernet port to allow for a hardwiring solution.

The Praetorian Guard is easily set up once installed and a step-by-step guide can be found here on our YouTube channel. Our YouTube is regularly updated with HowTo videos, product review videos, and general tips on all AES Global products. Consider subscribing to keep up to date!

Another solution if a wireless connection is needed, is the 4G version of the Praetorian Guard which uses GSM technology to connect the unit to a network, ideal for remote installations. This is a popular solution that allows for a stable connection (depending on network coverage on location) that relies on a mobile network carrier and not a broadband or internet connection.


The Praetorian Guard comes with a newly developed and modern mobile phone App, currently in BETA form. The app has been designed to be intuitive and allow full control over the unit directly from your phone.

The simple premise of the Praetorian Guard is that you can answer your phone and grant access to your property from anywhere in the world! Not only that but you can also view and listen to your property entrance at any time via a live feed from the unit HD camera, program keypad access codes (permanent, time-restricted, and auto expiring codes) for visitors, friends, colleagues and family. If installing a Praetorian Guard for a business, then a prox reader can also be optioned and useful prox tags can be coded for each individual employee.

With the activity log feature, you can view the activity log for the unit and see who has accessed the property recently, with time and a photograph of the activity at the unit when a code or prox tag activated the unit. You also have the ability to receive notifications on when your unit has been used, this can be toggled on or off depending on preference.

If a visitor calls at the unit and nobody answers there is the choice for that visitor to leave a voicemail for you, making sure that you never miss any important visitors again! An added security feature is the motion/movement sensor on the unit, this feature uses the camera to sense motion in front of the unit and can alert the owner of unit to any movement in front of their unit, this is ideal for rural areas where less traffic may be expected. The sensor can also be adjusted to be more or less sensitive to movement if needed.

There are dozens of new and improved helpful features in the Praetorian Guard, some of which are explained in the video below:


AES Global provides various resources for installers of our products, via our website you can download and view product datasheets, manuals and quick start guides. Firmware updates for some models are also available, more content will be added to the resources section in the coming months. For other tips and installation HowTo’s you can also check out our YouTube channel. We also provide comprehensive technical help via phone and the LiveChat feature on our websites, we pride ourselves on industry-leading after-sales customer support.


We have offices and teams in the UK, Ireland, France, and the USA.

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